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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder and Self Destructive Behavior Medications and Pregnancy Boyfriend With Borderline Personality Disorder Xanax Addiction Suicide Attempt and Tylenol Overdose Can There Be Late Onset Of Borderline Personality Disorder? Attachment To Therapist. At What Age Are Borderline Personality Disorder Features Identifiable? Woman with the BPD Wishes to Know How to Better Inform Mental Health Professionals Woman Has the BPD and/or DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) Needs Help   borderline personality disorder BPD, Dr. Leland Heller, attention deficit disorder Man Involved in Abusive BPD Relationship Man with BPD Discusses Rejection Sensitivity Woman with BPD that Tried to Choke Daughter Needs Medical Help Mother with BPD, Bi-polar Disorder, has had Temporal Lobectomy Surgery With Suicidal Ideation BPD & Self-Mutilation BPD, Bulimia, Alcoholism & Medications BPD & the EEG BPD & the Use of Neurontin BPD & Disability BPD & Medications Uncontrollable, Obsessive Thoughts Over Old Relationship Is There a Relationship Between BPD & Physical Pain? Man with BPD Spouse and Pregnant Daughter Person with BPD, Bi-polar Disorder and Fibromyalgia BPD: Excellent Multiple Questions Depression: “Chemical or Environmental”? Clinical Depression Vs. BPD Dystonic Reaction and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Person with BPD Asks About Relationship Between BPD and Thyroid Disorder Mother of Child with BPD has Multiple Questions, Including Relationship of Mononucleosis and BPD Girlfriend of a Man with BPD Asks Advice Sexless Marriage Child Who Had Temporal Lobectomy Suffers Depression Child with ADHD and Bipolar Difficult to Manage BPD: Person Asking About Symptoms Person with ADD and Bipolar II Depression in Elderly Woman BPD: Some Symptoms BPD: The Use of Prozac and Buspar Is There Genetic Testing for the BPD? Medications and Sexual Side Effects Link Between BPD, PTSD and Hepatitis C? Person with Multiple Diagnoses Needs Advice BPD and Occupational Therapy College Freshman in Relationship with Person with BPD Asks if it Will Last Muscle Spasms: Result of Medication? BPD: Discussion of Suicide and the Use of Restraints BPD Mother Discusses BPD Daughter: Etiology and Interaction Person with BPD and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Wonders if He/She Has ADD symptoms Norpramin, BPD and Other Disorders Spouse of BPD Wonders if There is Any Hope BPD Using Drugs and Self-Mutilating Asks How to Find Medical Help Sister Needs Guidance for Sister with BPD and Suicidal Ideation Treatment for Both BPD and ADHD BPD and the Legal System Mother with BPD has 3 Year Old Daughter with BPD and/or Bi-polar Needs Guidance Spouse Wonders if She Should Tell BPD Husband His Diagnosis Fiancée of BPD Asks About Couple Counseling Daughter With Conflicting Diagnoses and “Fakes” Illnesses *Can BPDs Get Better in Eight Days?* Woman With BPD and is an Overeater Asks About 12 Step Program Woman With BPD and Dependent Personality Disorder Needs Help Mother With Adopted Daughter Diagnosed with BPD and ADD Person With Multiple Disorders Needs Advice Regarding Medications Son with BPD and Bi-polar Disorder Unable to Stabilize Definition of BPD and Bi-polar Disorder Prozac and Sexuality Assistance with Getting Proper Diagnosis for BPD and other Disorders Daughter with BPD and Bi-polar Disorder Needs Help Wife Inquires How to Help Spouse with Bi-Polar Disorder and “Sexual Misbehavior What Basically IS BPD? Person Needs Help, No Diagnosis Made Relationship between BPD, Hormones and Epilepsy BPD: Zoloft VS. Prozac Person with Multiple Diagnoses Needs Help BPD & Serzone; Is BPD Commonly Misdiagnosed? Are Testing Methods such as the MMPI Accurate for Testing BPD?; How are trauma and BPD related? Pathological Lying BPD & ECT Woman With BPD Raging, Threatening Suicide and Self-Mutilation 9 Year Old Boy with ADHD and Bi-Polar Needs Help BPD and Treatment Is Constant Lying Part of the BPD? Spouse of BPD wants Wife Back BPD: Valium & Chances of Children Getting BPD Man Suicidal Dealing with BPD Spouse Woman dealing with Spouse Diagnosed With Paranoid Personality Disorder, Sexual Addiction and Wonders if He Has the BPD Is BPD Treatment Similar for Mild Mental Retardation? Person Receiving no Official Diagnosis Having Trouble on Medications BPD & Treatment BPD & Obsession BPD & Education Self-Mutilation: Are the Origins from Abuse or Abandonment? BPD Having Difficult Time Getting Off Nardil Brother of a BPD Asks How to Help Sister Lesbian BPD Discusses Same Relationship Issues She Had with Heterosexual Relationship Person with Bi-polar Disorder Wonders if a Reduction in her Dose of Depakote is Dangerous? Woman Wonders if a BPD Fantasizes About Her Male Therapist, Should She Work with a Male or Female Therapist? Ex-boyfriend of Woman with BPD Unable to Accept Loss of Relationship BPD & Stress Person Just Diagnosed with BPD Discusses How it Feels to be Labeled “Disordered” Teen with BPD and Bipolar: Is Residential Treatment a Good Option? Man with BPD Spouse Fears Leaving Due to Concerns About Children Person with BPD and Bipolar II Has Questions Regarding Medications How to Find Help and Why BPD is so Quiet in the Media Is There a Correlation Between BPD and Chronic Sinus Problems? Borderline Personality Disorder and the Use of Zyprexa Intolerance of Taking Prozac and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Could Having Children in Daycare Promote Borderline Personality Disorder? BPD, Bipolar II, Generalized Anxiety Disorder and Medications BPD, Self-Mutilation, Stress, and Society’s Ignorance of BPD BPD and Childhood Sexual Abuse Teen With Multiple Diagnoses Needs Help Promiscuity and Stopping Emotional Pain Person with BPD Has Issues With Needing a Mother Figure Husband of BPD Wants Divorce; Concerned About Violence & Neglect With Children How Does Stress Affect the BPD?; Can someone with BPD be a counselor? Person with the BPD Wants to Know When the Pain Will Stop Can Cognitive Problems Resemble BPD? BPD and the use of Benzodiazepines BPD and Depression Treatment; Depixil and Eclampsia Discussed BPD, Prozac and Fluanxol BPD: Any Connection with DID?; Are Drs. Still Telling Patients there is no Medical Treatment for BPD? BPD Husband Refuses Treatment Is it Common to Misdiagnose BPD? BPD: Any Connection With Female Hormones or PMS? Explosive Personality Disorder BPD and Patterns Hereditary Coproporphyria Dialectical Behavior Therapy, BPD and Awareness BPD: Medication Management and Sexual Dysfunction Are BPD Behaviors Cyclic? Person is Due to Have BPD Assessment and Does NOT feel BPD would be accurate. Wonders What Will be in Records Man Wonders How to Assist His Ex-Girlfriend who Has the BPD with Treatment Woman with Possible BPD has Spouse with ADD and Wonders What To Do. Can He Participate in Her Treatment? Woman With the BPD Has Not Found the Right Medications or Combinations to Help Her BPD: Impaired neuroauditory integration, references for neurological disorders in the BPD, sensorineural hearing loss, auditory processing difficulty, auditory hallucinations BPD: Any Similarities Between Chronic Fatigue Syndrome (CFS) and High Levels of Mercury? “Mild” Case of BPD – Are Medications Needed? BPD: Head Injuries; Brain Trauma; Dysphoria Comparison of Effectiveness of Inpatient Acute Care Psychiatric VS Residential Treatment for Persons with BPD and Bipolar Disorder Will Effexor and Depakote Treat Borderline Personality Disorder and Partial Complex Seizures? Woman with BPD Lost Custody of Children Due to Her Behavior and is Afraid of Losing Them Forever Woman with BPD Not Doing Well on Her Current Medications Woman with BPD is “Losing” a Few Minutes and Experiencing Angry Mood Swings Can Depakote or Any Psychotropic Medications Increase Dissociation? Woman Wonders if Daughter-in-Law Has the BPD and Why the Family is Split Person with BPD and Recurring Depression is Not Improving To Diagnose BPD, Does the Person Have to Be Over Age 18? Can Several People in the Same Family Have the BPD? Person Wants to Know How to Get A Diagnosis & Help for BPD Sister Woman with BPD and DID Describes Dissociation and Rage & Asks if Medication Can Help Two children: One with Autism. Another with ODD, psychosis NOS, early BPD, Histrionic Personality Disorder and Trichotillomania BPD Teen Self-Mutilates and Has Shown Homicidal Behavior Person with BPD, DID, and Bipolar Disorder Has Questions About Medications Woman with BPD, ADD, & GAD Needs Assistance Question about BPD Diagnosis Man Wants to Leave Violent Wife and Wants Advice Discussion of BPD, Narcissistic Personality Disorder and Histrionic Personality Disorder Woman with BPD and Trichotillomania Person Does Not Meet All the Criteria For BPD; How to Approach Treatment Woman Told She Has Borderline Personality Organization and is Given No Hope to Recover Person Diagnosed With BPD Says He Doesn’t Have All the Symptoms Severe Self-Mutilation with Child BPD, PTSD and ER Protocol Person with Borderline Personality Disorder Dealing With Poor Impulse Control Borderline Personality Disorder, Hypothyriodism and Head Injury Man with BPD Accused of Molesting His Daughter Man Wants to Break-Up With BPD but Fears Suicidal Ideation From Her Woman with BPD, Epilepsy, Violent Behavior, PMS, etc. Person Wonders if Auditory Hallucinations are Common With BPD Case Manager Needs Advice on BPD Client Who Overdoses When Stressed Can you Reason with a Person Diagnosed with BPD, BP, & ADD? Is Platelet Dysfunction Related to Borderline Personality Disorder? Woman Diagnosed With DID, BPD, Bi-Polar Experiencing Abandonment and Depression Mother Diagnosed with Bi-polar Disorder, Alcoholism & Self Injures Obsession with BPD Ex-Partner Woman with DID & ADHD Asks About Medications BPD’s Relationship Breaking Up; Feeling Suicidal and Depressed Dysphoric Woman Deals With Her Childhood Issues BPD Dysphoria Described Well Woman with BPD and Recurrent Depression Confused About Diagnoses Teen Daughter Shows Signs of BPD; What to Do? Woman “Zones Out” (Seizure) and Self-Mutilates Anxiety: Use BusPar or Prozac First? Wellbutrin for BPD? Refuge Needs Help for His Sister Teenage Daughter Self-Mutilating BPD: What age does it start? Does it go away later in life? Depressed Woman Dealing with Fibromyalgia, Alcoholism & Anxiety BPD & Parenting BPD Medications Discussed Spouse of a BPD Wants to Return to the Relationship BPD & Sexual Identity Issues Man Wonders if He Has BPD and What to Do Discussion of BPD Medications Obsession with a Therapist or Doctor Dealing with Borderline Anger & Rage Prozac: Higher Doses Needed Discussion of Medications for BPD, Panic Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder Correlation between BPD & Allergies? Connection Between BPD & Hyperparathyroidism? Can People “Grow Out” of BPD? Dysphoria Based Seizures Person with Multiple Diagnoses Asking For Advice Person Experiences Vertigo on Prozac Out of Control Behavior: Need Accurate Diagnosis Before Treatment Profile of a BPD; Includes Assessment and Treatment SSRIs, Generalized Anxiety Disorder, Buspar, Tegretol and the Limbic System Wife of Someone Who Has the BPD Treating BPD with other Diagnoses Do We Really Need Medication for BPD? Person With Multiple Diagnoses Needs Help Medication Discussion Medications Questions for Multiple Diagnoses Man Wonders if he has the BPD Teen Needs Diagnostic Evaluation Depakote/Tegretol: Which is Safer For Pregnancy? BPD Losing Hope Termination from Therapy Getting the Medication Right BPD VS. Intermittent Explosive Rage Disorder Severe Self Mutilation Is Sleeping with 9 yr. Old Son Ok? Seizures BPD Dysphoria & Treatment Ex-wife Has BPD Risperdal and Weight Gain BPD & Sleep-Walking BPD & Self-Mutilation Do We Need to Relive the Past to Get Better? BPD, PTSD & Bi-polar Disorder BPD & Hypothyroidism BPD: Sexual Abuse & Biological Cause What IS BPD & Discussion of Medications How to Help a Friend; BPD & Hypothyroidism; BPD Diagnosis Young Woman Questioning Her Diagnosis Allergic to Tegretol. What to Do Treatment: What to Do First? Termination of Therapy and Feelings of Loss Use of Olanzapine Son Dealing With BPD Mother Medication Questions and Symptoms of BPD Self Mutilation & Temporal Lobe Epilepsy Self Mutilation and Abuse Man Questions Whether He Has BPD Woman with BPD & PTSD; Issues with her Doctor Questions about Prozac Woman Struggling – Afraid to Seek Help BPD Versus ADHD BPD Versus PTSD; Self-Mutilation BPD Versus Bipolar Disorder BPD: Tegretol, Epilepsy & Migraines BPD Etiology & BPD & Thyroid Disorder BPD & EEGs Four Questions Regarding BPD Etiology Distressing Relationship: Wonders What to Do Newly Diagnosed BPD Needs Beginner’s Information on Healing Girlfriend of a BPD Experiencing Frustration BPD: Self Mutilation/Substance Abuse Correct Combination of Medications for BPD & Discussion of Tegretol VS. Depakote Woman with BPD, PTSD, & Seizures Experiences Reaction to Prozac Teen with BPD, OCD & Schizophrenia Xanax, Exercise & Epilepsy How Can BPD be a Brain Injury When Many BPDS Have a History of Abuse? Will Dilantin work for BPD? Steroids & Depression; Elavil & BPD Treating Borderlines Stress & BPD Tegretol & Seizures Ex-Partner of a Woman with BPD & Other Issues BPD Teenager Asks if There is any Hope Custody Issues With BPD Spouse Do I really have the BPD and OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder)? Isolation & Therapy Phobic of Meds Should I Leave My BPD Partner? BPD & Self Mutilation BPD Medication BPD & DID (Dissociative Identity Disorder) Zoloft; Graves Disease & Helping Friend with BPD BPD & Homosexuality; Can We Grow Out of BPD?; BPD & Custody Battles Zoloft & Sexual Dysfunction How to help a BPD Friend Abandonment: Attachment to Counselors Violence & Migraines ECT &BPD Partner of someone with BPD & other diagnoses. BPD & Sound Perception Problem A person with BPD feels hopeless Mother of a child with BPD, bulimia, & other acting out behaviors. A woman with BPD, DID (dissociative identity disorder), panic disorder, rejection sensitivity, GAD (generalized anxiety disorder), chronic psychosis and complex partial seizures. Can your brain heal from the BPD? What is psychosis? What is a psychotic episode? BPD: Tegretol & Hypothyroidism Do I really have BPD? Obsession & Thyroid medication Mother with BPD dealing with daughter who blames her for her childhood. BPD & Blood Antigens Two Partners who have BPD Can people with BPD be violent? Partners both have BPD. Wife is in denial. Family is split. Mother has BPD. Can anything be done? My boyfriend has BPD. We have no insurance. Is there any help for us? Woman with BPD & Paranoia Woman with BPD & chronic pain asks if she will ever be married and happy. BPD & Blood Typing Can people with BPD get along without medication? Flashbacks discussed also. What is rejection sensitivity? How does it manifest itself in BPD? How is it treated? BPD & the use of Tegretol BPD, rage, and medication. Husband with BPD & Bipolar Disorder BPD, Bipolar Disorder, and violent thoughts. Is this OCD? What medications help BPD and generalized anxiety disorder? What is splitting? BPD & “Bondage & Submission” Sex Is it common a person with BPD to have short term memory loss?