Is There Hope For Me?


Dear Dr. Heller,

I am thoroughly depressed and see that there is no hope and unfortunately I answered yes to most of your screening test questions.  Is there hope for me?  I used to enjoy life although that was a long time ago, I’m tired all the time and people perceive me as weird.  I have a very short attention span but a high code of moral values which seem to be deteriorating ever day as I am afraid of talking about my beliefs and experiences.  I have tried drugs and alcohol in the past and they have only worked to make things worse and given me a terrible sense of paranoia.  I hang around in packs although I have little time or too much time for these ‘friends’.  Relationships are a no-no although I want to have a girlfriend but am afraid of letting them down or showing them up, i.e.  I feel worthless.  Can you help?


Yes, there is hope.  The screening test is designed to find which medically TREATABLE disorders are present.  Treating them all is crucial, and the sequence of medications is as important as the diagnoses.  The What should I do first answer will hopefully get you started.

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