We all want happiness, peace, love, joy, stability, health and prosperity. Biological Unhappiness explains how to get them all, even if someone doubts it’s possible for them. These goals are worth attaining.

It is written for the lay person. Biological Unhappiness is easy to read and understand with lots of stories and examples. Surprising information such as how most diagnoses aren’t diseases, how genes play a role, and why some children refuse to wear clothes or make decisions are explained in Biological Unhappiness.

At least 1/3 of us have medical, genetic, or psychological reasons we haven’t been able to reach those goals. They are reachable – and these goals are what make life wonderful and worth living.

We are like a three legged stool – mind, body and spirit, and all three must be strong for us to be stable and successful. Biological Unhappiness explains diagnoses and treatment, but also explains how to be happy, peaceful, joyful and serene – no matter what has happened to us, and no matter how low we may be today. It offers genuine hope for those who feel there is none.

The “Reviews” section may be of assistance to you. The endorsements (on the right side of the main page) give important clues as to how significant this information is and why Biological Unhappiness deserves your time and attention.

Dr. Heller is so confident that the information in Biological Unhappiness is relevant, useful and important that he offers an unconditional 30 day money back guarantee to those who purchase it directly from Dyslimbia Press.

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