“Open this book and it will open your mind. By combining proven medical procedure with hope and inspiration, Dr. Heller has made a significant difference in thousands of patients who had little hope for recovery. “Biological Unhappiness” contains critical information for those who have lost hope.”

Zig Ziglar, motivational speaker, author See You at the Top, Over the Top, Success for Dummies, Raising Positive Kids in a Negative World

“Biological Unhappiness is a must read for everyone working in health care today, and also for patients, families and friends. It is easy for the lay person to read and understand, and serves as an important mental health reference book. I feel exceptionally fortunately to have worked with Dr. Heller for more than 8 years, and he has taught me an enormous amount about the newest scientific research of mental disorders and his vision for treatment application. The HOPE Dr. Heller offers in Biological Unhappiness – especially for so called “untreatable” disorders – is backed by real observable successes for real people.”

Mary Elizabeth Sales, M.S.W., A.C.S.W., L.C.S.W., Psychotherapist and Certified Family Mediator (C.F.M.)

“Go ahead and try: You can’t even browse this book and not be moved. It contains surprising information that could save our families, our society, and our future. Read it now — before it’s too late.”

Joe Vitale, author, The Seven Lost Secrets to Success

“Both of Dr. Heller’s books, Biological Unhappiness and Life at the Border offer unique and perceptive insights into the complex interplay between biology and human behavior. He offers hope to many who have been previously stigmatized and incorrectly treated by offering us approaches that work to facilitate healing from a variety of disorders.”

Laura Paxton, author of”Borderline and Beyond: A Program of Recovery from Borderline Personality Disorder”

“This book offers a prescription for hope, recovery and happiness.”

Dr. Denis Waitley, author, Empires of the Mind, Seeds of Greatness

“Leland M. Heller’s book, “Biological Unhappiness” will be helpful and useful to so many people challenged by ’emotional disorders.’ Heller advocates taking charge of your own life and outlines ways to begin to take responsibility for how you face the challenges. Certainly, taking the reins of your own experience can only help you regardless of your diagnosis.”

Barry Neil Kaufman, author, Happiness is a Choice, Director – The Option Institute

“This important book opens your mind and increases your awareness to the fact that there are problems that people experience caused by factors beyond your control. A deeply insightful book.”

Brian Tracy, motivational speaker, author, The Psychology of Achievement, The Science of Self-Confidence, The Universal Laws of Success and Achievement

“As an ER nurse I saw a lot of Psych cases come through the door. Dr. Heller’s book has given me great insight and understanding to these disorders. It also showed me that for approximately 80% of the mental health cases I saw the patient was either under treated or not treated correctly at all. Biological Unhappiness should be in all ER’s as an adjunct to training and as a reference book.”

Tim Pheil, LPN

“Dr. Rex Cowdry, whom I work with at NIMH, recently loaned me his copy of your new book, Life at the Border. I plan to include it on our reading list which I send out in response to requests for information from borderline individuals, their families and therapists. I would also like to request a copy for our reference shelf. I am impressed with the scope of your book and believe that patients and families will find it enlightening and useful. Congratulations on your book and I wish you continued success with this difficult patient population.”

Kathleen M. O’Leary, MSW, BCD, National Institute of Mental Health

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