Screening Test

The purpose of this questionnaire is to act as an initial screening for diagnoses that can cause Biological Unhappiness.  The absence or presence of any symptom(s) does not mean a diagnosis is present or absent.  After each section the diagnosis commonly associated with those symptoms is indicated.

If the answer is YES for your entire life (either since early childhood or puberty, and ever since), place a check next to symptoms that may fit you.

  • __ Is everything at home and work (or school) in unfinished piles?
  • __ Do you have a long-standing history of not being able to stay on task?
  • __ Are you easily distractible?
  • __ Do you seem to alternate between not staying focused and being so focused that a bomb could go off without you noticing it?

(Attention Deficit Disorder)

  • __ Do you have a history of feeling really great and then getting yourself in trouble because of feeling so great (and being somewhat out of control and feeling invincible)?

(Bipolar Disorder)

  • __ Are you moody?
  • __ Are you angry all the time, with spells of rage?
  • __ Are you empty and bored even doing something you enjoy?
  • __ Do you get paranoid under stress?

(Borderline Personality Disorder – BPD)

  • __ Do you have ups and downs that you can virtually plan on?
  • __ Are there times every month when you just can’t function (not including PMS)?

(Cyclothymic Disorder)

  • __ Are you oversensitive to rejection and criticism?
  • __ Has it always seemed that others find it easy to be happy and you don’t?
  • __ Have you spent most of your life between not quite depressed and not quite happy?

(“Fractured Enjoyment”)

  • __ Are you a perfectionist to the point where it keeps you from getting things done?
  • __ Are you a pack rat?
  • __ Do you have trouble trusting other people to do things because you’re sure they’ll mess it up?

(Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder – OCPD)

  • __ Do you obsess about something to the point where it interferes with your life?
  • __ Do you have any ritual behaviors that you can’t stop, like washing your hands too much, checking the door lock too much, counting things, etc.

(Obsessive Compulsive Disorder – OCD)

  • __ Are you nervous more than you’re not?
  • __ Do you always feel scared?
  • __ Does your mind never shut off, and has been that way since you were a child?
  • __ Did Prozac make you feel very hyper and/or ill?

(Generalized Anxiety Disorder – GAD)


  • __ Do you get a sense of impending doom, like everything is going to crash down on you, like you’re going to choke, or you’re going to die?
  • __ Do you spend much of your time afraid you’re going to feel that way again?

(Panic Disorder)


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