Biological Unhappiness A Book Review by Joe Vitale

Teenagers shooting classmates. Employees killing coworkers. Suicides accounting for more deaths that murder. Mental health costing $200 billion a year in the US alone. With all of these disturbing facts, the world may seem like it revolves around unhappiness. Unfortunately, for far too many people, it does.

The good news is that it doesn’t have to be that way. Dr. Leland Heller, a Florida family physician and author of the new book, Biological Unhappiness (Dyslimbia Press, 1999), offers a solution. Some readers may find it controversial, while others will find it welcome relief for a nightmare.

In 1988 Dr. Heller learned of something called Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD), likely a form of epilepsy with mood swings, anger problems, self-destructiveness, and psychotic rage under stress. Many tragedies such as school shootings are due to the BPD. As Dr. Heller researched this new psychological aberration, he learned that BPD was a medical problem masquerading as an emotional one. In other words, BPD was causing a wide variety of problems in a shocking 4-8% of the entire population, and all of it was treatable.

Dr. Heller writes in his book, “Substance abuse, auto accidents, family destruction and divorce; suicide, violent crime, AIDS and other progressively untreatable sexually transmitted diseases, ruined lives, child and spousal abuse, the increasing prison population and other societal problems have ‘biological unhappiness’ as a major cause. A major TREATABLE cause.”

Treatment seems to revolve around medication and counseling. Fortunately Dr. Heller has a balanced approach to happiness. He writes, “We are like a three-legged stool: Mind, body, and spirit. All three have to be working properly for a happy, successful life.”

One of the gifts in this book is the Screening Test (which can also be found online at This simple tool can help determine if someone suffers from such disorders as ADD, Bipolar Disorder, BPD, Panic Disorder, etc.,—all stemming from a biological problem that is treatable.

Biological Unhappiness is fascinating reading. The book begins with a variety of case studies, each followed by Dr. Heller’s commentaries and insights. The effect is like reading a fine mystery novel. The characters are identifiable. How will they survive? Keep reading to discover Dr. Heller’s prescriptions and the results that follow.

Sometimes the good doctor is blunt. For example, when discussing Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder (OCPD), he writes: “What is the OCPD? You can read many definitions, and I think they’re mostly RIDICULOUS! It’s not caused by strict parents, it’s a brain disorder that begins in early childhood.”

Other times the doctor reveals surprising good news. Women readers (and their male companions) will delight in hearing that PMS is covered in this book. Dr. Heller says, “I now firmly believe that most PMS symptoms are due to fluid retention, especially brain swelling.” To resolve the problem, he often prescribes mild water pills (such as HCTZ) or more powerful diuretics (such as Demedex). He writes, “PMS is a source of enormous biological unhappiness. Most women, their friends, and loved ones don’t need to suffer.”

In virtually every case, medication is prescribed. This may rattle some readers. But it’s important to remember that Dr. Heller doesn’t prescribe relying on medication. He writes, “While it’s essentially impossible to recover without the proper medications, medicine is NOT the answer. Medicine allows one to begin the recovery process.”

Biological Unhappiness is a powerful, refreshing, and fascinating book that may hold the keys to health and happiness for millions of people currently living a life of inner torture. Read it and pass it to the people you care about.

— review by Joe Vitale, author of ten books, including The Seven Lost Secrets of Success

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